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Trading contests are the adrenaline-fueled battlegrounds where financial wizards showcase their prowess. Imagine a fast-paced arena where traders, armed with strategies and market savvy, compete head-to-head to achieve the highest returns within a set timeframe.



Oroku Edge Trading Championship is a contest open to all traders in Oroku to give opportunity to all traders to give them chances to show how well their trades in Oroku Platform.


This contest not only to test your trade skill but also provide present up to RM50,000 prize to be won.

How it Works:

Open or Log in:
If you're not already a member, open an account with OROKU or log in to your existing one. Choose contest tab and participate.

Deposit Funds:
Add funds to your newly created Contest Standard Account using all our secure and convenient payment methods. 

Trade with Skill:
Show your skill and talent on trading in MT4 to either get the most highest gain or traded lot to increase your chance for winning prizes.

Basic Rules:

  • This promotion is available to both new and existing clients of OROKU.

  • You can participate up to 20 trading account per client.

  • You can participate and deposit from 13/10/2023 until 16/11/2023 and will be able to start trading upon Contest start from 16/10/2023 until 16/11/2023.

  • Minimum deposit is USD250 per trading account is required. 

  • Account leverage will be set as 1:500.

  • You cannot internal transfer, only deposit is accepted.

  • You cannot withdraw as long as the contest is running.

  • The winner will be announced 20/11/2023 and the Prize ceremony will be announced on later date.

  • The contest terms and conditions is subject to change. Please refer to our website or notification email for the latest terms and conditions.

Any enquiries please contact us via livechat or helpdesk.

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