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Our talented group works nonstop to help you through your trading venture with Oroku Edge. In case you are trading for the first time and need to get everything rolling, or on the other hand in case you are an accomplished merchant and might want some direction on our further developed trading apparatuses, we are here to help! Whatever your inquiry, we couldn't want anything more than to hear from you.

  • What type of accounts do you offer?
    We offer Standard, ECN and Cent lot trading as a self-directed or managed account.
  • What is the commission for the ECN account?
    By registering for our ECN Account you agree to have a 1 pip (approximately USD 8) commission deducted from your account in real-time for the equivalent of every standard lot traded.
  • How do I register a live trading account?
    Opening an account is simple. Click on the Open a Live Account link and complete your application form. Once your online application form has been approved by our accounts team you will be emailed your trading account login details and password.
  • How do I deposit money into my trading account?
    Oroku Edge offer clients a number of deposit methods including bank transfers, and cryptocurrency. After receiving the deposit in your wallet, proceed to open our live account by transferring your deposit from wallet to live account.
  • What are your spread?
    Oroku Edge offer some of the lowest spreads out of any forex broker globally with our spread averaging as low as 1 pip. Our spread page outlines the spreads for all of our major pairs.
  • How to reset negative balance?
    To reset negative balance, go to our live chat by providing your MT4 ID's
  • What is an Introducing Broker (IB)?
    As an Oroku IB, we pay you a commission on every trade from each of the clients you recruit to Oroku. Depending on the volume your client’s trade, you can gradually earn more and more commissions. You can also earn further by recruiting Affiliates under you, where we pay an overriding commission on their network's activity as well.As an IB you will need to provide support to your recruits and coordinate with us on any issues that traders and affiliates in your network may have. All IBs have a performance commitment, which we review together over time. We also provide you with personal assistance to help you further develop your IB business.Learn more about the Oroku Edge IB Program.
  • How can Oroku Edge help me to acquire more clients through my own website?
    Access the latest engaging banners and online artwork in a range of sizes that you can apply onto your website. Your IB referral code will ensure that you receive the commissions from anybody who joins Oroku Edge by clicking on those banners.
  • Can I use the Oroku Edge marketing team as an extension of my own business?
    Yes. If you would like some tailor-made, unique artwork to help convert clients, we can help you. Speak to your relationship manager about your requirements and we can help you.
  • What educational resources can I upload on my Guest Expert Page?
    We can include any educational resources that come in the format of videos, photographs and text content. So if you are recording webinars, or if you are writing market commentaries and producing graphs, we can include all of this information on your page. All information uploaded onto your page may be vetted by our compliance department in order to ensure that our clients have access to regulated, safe and ethical content.
  • How can I get my IB Certificate?
    Our partners are awarded certificates according their level of cooperation with Oroku Edge. This is a certified personalised document, officiating your partnership with the company that many of our IBs are proud to own. The certificate symbolizes your cooperation with a world-class, award winning and ethical broker. Speak to your relationship manager to see if you qualify and they will be happy to arrange your certificate for you.
  • When Do I Receive My IB Comission?
    We pay daily. So if the trade has been closed today, your IB account will be credited for this trade tomorrow.
  • I want to hold some events for my clients and leads. Can you help me?
    Oroku Edge supports its partners with any offline events that they are hosting, including charity events, dinners, seminars and more. Using our Seminar Pack (coming soon), our partners are provided access to attractive posters, roll up banners and other dynamic marketing resources to help bring their event to the next level. Ask your relationship manager for more information about our seminar pack.
  • How to become an IB?
    Log in to your member area - IB Room - Become A Partner.
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